March 4, 2015

Honey Sriracha Chicken Quinoa Bowls

Are you looking for a tasty (and spicy!) but easy weeknight dish?

This sauce only  has three ingredients - honey, sriracha, and lime juice - and it tastes delicious! The chicken is seasoned with garlic salt (I used garlic powder instead - about 3/4 tsp) and pepper and cooked with shallots. Top the cooked chicken with the sauce and cilantro and green onions and you have yourself a yummy dinner or lunch in less than 20 minutes!

March 2, 2015

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

Want to know my weekday breakfast routine? If you don't, go ahead and skip down to the recipe link below. But if you do, prepare to be a little jealous.

I love taking 10-20 minutes in the morning to make a nice breakfast. It starts the day off strong and of course it delights and awakens my sleepy taste buds. I am a pancake fiend and have learned to make them on 15 minutes or less. If you search "pancakes" on this blog you will find dozens of recipes I've tried. During the week, I usually make something with oatmeal and fruits in it, for a slightly more healthy version. On the weekends, think dessert pancakes like tiramisu or cinnamon swirl pancakes! 

On days when we are craving something a little more protein heavy, I make a mean breakfast sandwich. Now I've shared my go-to breakfast sandwich before, and I have streamlined the process of making it by toasting English muffins with cheese in the toaster oven and cooking the bacon and regs simultaneously in one pan. But even that takes 10 minutes to cook and assemble. 

There's a way to make breakfast sandwiches in one minute. Yep, you heard me: one minute! Well, you have to make them ahead of time and freeze them but they're still delicious. Maybe even more delicious than my go-to.

The reason I like thes is the egg frittata is so flavorful. I added a couple cups of baby kale and cayenne to mine and used heavy cream instead of whole milk (one tablespoon for every 2-3 eggs). The frittata came out so fluffy and yummy I was eating the scraps like crazy. 

I cooked the bacon in the oven at the same time as the eggs, and toasted the English muffins with Gouda. Once ready to assemble, I made my favorite sandwich sauce of mayo+cayenne (1 tsp of cayenne to 1 Tbsp of mayo) and spread this on the top piece of each muffin. 

I learned that you didn't necessarily need to toast the cheese on the muffin. You just have to be smarter about making the sandwich so that the cheese doesn't fall out if it's shredded. Avoid this issue altogether by using slices of cheese instead.

These are the sandwiches before freezing.

This is the sandwich taken out of the freezer, loosely wrapped in a paper towel, and microwaved for a minute. Fastest breakfast ever!

February 27, 2015

Maple Oat Nut Scones and Strawberry Blueberry Whole Wheat Ricotta Scones

When I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday dessert and she said "scones," my heart leapt for joy. She truly is my sister! Scones are so underrated because most people have only has the store bought kind and even homemade ones are kind of tricky to make. But over the years I've perfected my scone making and they always come out delicately flaky, buttery, salty, and just slightly sweet, just the way a scone ought to be. The technique is in cutting the butter into the flour mixture so it's evenly distributed and the size of peas - getting a pastry cutter was key to that accomplishing that step well, along with a little dose of patience. I tend to rush through baking recipes and toss everything into one mixing bowl with little regard for precise measurements. I find that pasties and dessert recipes are surprisingly flexible or maybe I've just been lucky up to this point because everything turns out tasting good, but scones take and deserve a little attention :)

Also, don't over mix the scone if you want the flaky layers of dough to have pockets of air and lightness to them. If you want a smooth, sense cookie-like batter then you may over mix but I highly advise against it! 

I love maple flavored desserts and this one was no exception. I would halve the amount of (the awesome coffee-flavored) icing for the recipe but everything else was perfect! It's a little sweeter than most scones but I made it as a desert so it was perfect! 

Recipe from the ever-reliable Pioneer Woman:

I used a mixture of blueberries and diced strawberries for this recipe. The ricotta in the batter makes for a more moist scone but I love how all the sweetness from this scone comes from the berries. The batter itself is politely and delightfully subtle thanks to the whole wheat and ricotta.

Recipe from the ever-reliable Smitten Kitchen:

Hope you have a great weekend! Make some scones, I tell ya! It'll definitely be a great weekend then.