August 28, 2015

Broken Farro Porridge

This week's breakfast post for your weekend mornings in is a departure from my usual pastry of choice. I actually would have never eaten or made this if it weren't for my boss. We had a work trip to San Francisco recently and before the trip, he got uncharacteristically excited about eating this porridge as soon as we got to SF. And low and behold, as soon as we arrived we took an uber car to the Ferry Building and rushed to Il Cane Rosso where he promptly ordered three orders of it for me, himself, and our client. 
I'll admit I was skeptical. Oatmeal is porridge is mush. They all taste basically the same to me. Actually, my favorite oatmeal is the one that they served in my residential college. I ate it almost everyday for four years and on my last day there I asked for the recipe. they mentioned that it was made with a lot of cream, maple syrup, brown sugar, etc. and I realized I had been eating an unhealthy breakfast all those years...

But when I ate this broken porridge I was transported back in time to college breakfasts at Yale and couldn't help but enjoy it immensely because of the nostalgia. That aside, it was a great oatmeal, probably the best I've had, but not something I'd seek out on my own. So I was glad my boss took me! 

Perhaps I stand alone on this matter of porridge love...after I googled how to recreate it for my boss and found that it's one of another food blogger's top 10 things to eat and that she, too, rushed to Il Cane Rosso the last time she had a day in San Francisco so she could devour it, I decided to give it some more respect.

Also surprisingly, this recipe is healthy and vegan! It uses coconut milk for flavor. The best part is the broken Farro of course. It creates a lovely, toothy porridge texture, and is filling to boot. Oh, and it's just like the real version and decidedly cheaper to make at home!

Enjoy the weekend!

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PS I skipped the plums and used raisins like the original version. 


August 27, 2015

Maple Sticky Buns

So those buns I instagrammed  yesterday? (No not those kind of buns - get your head out of the gutter and into the oven. But don't literally do that because you will die.) They're one of my go-to indulgences when I see them at a bakery. They come in other forms like monkey bread or pull apart bread or a caramel sticky bun but the sticky bun that's covered in nuts and sauce is my favorite and most irresistible.

I will say this recipe is a lot more while grain than I prefer. Usually I like it more fluffy and light and this is a bit dense. Also less sweet than expected. But still, it hits the spot! 

(I used almonds instead of pecans)

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Chocolate Chip Bottomed Salted Caramel Tart with Toasted Marshmallow

I made this for my coworker's birthday and it was pretty decadent. *Almost* too decadent for my taste but still so much fun to make and layer. The good news is it's not too sweet because of the salted caramel and the dark chocolate ganache. None of the individual layers are super sweet, which is its saving grace from being excessive. 

There's not much else to say about this other than its a showstopper and no one will complain if you give this to them to eat. 


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